Three Ways to Be Smarter About Energy This Holiday Season

Posted |
The holiday season has begun, which means a time of decorating, gift buying and time spent with loved ones in your home. However, in addition to all the great things about the season, most fam…

Electric Vehicles: How Much Do You Know?

Posted |
A longer form, fact-based guide for consumers to deepen the education and learning opportunity on electric vehicles. The guidebook is ultimately meant to explore and dispel common misconc…

Three Things You Might Not Know About Electric Vehicles

Posted |
Electric vehicles have been developing into a driving force in the automobile world for many years now as sales have grown exponentially since 2011 and show no signs of slowing down. However, …

The Evolving World of Energy

Posted |
Energy is a fundamental part of our day-to-day lives. We use energy to light, heat and cool our homes, transport us, communicate with others and power our everyday activities. Most of us take …

Six Ways to Start Saving Energy This Fall

Posted |
From the cooler temperatures to the changing leaves and reemergence of pumpkin spice everything, it’s clear that fall is on the way. With the cozier weather temporarily here before the …

Six Cool Things About the Evolving World of Energy

Posted |
Electricity is essential to our lives and something that we need for everyday tasks, whether we’re always aware of it or not. We use energy to light, heat and cool our homes, take us wh…

The Evolving World of Energy: How We Use Energy

Posted |
This SECC fact sheet covers new ways that consumers will manage and use energy in their daily lives, highlighting smart thermostats and smart appliances to innovations in smart cities technolo…

The Evolving World of Energy: How We Pay for Energy

Posted |
Focusing on innovations from companies like Tendril, Powerley and PayGo, this SECC fact sheet focuses on the new ways that consumers are monitoring and paying for the energy they use. Dow…

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