Five Energy-Saving Tips for Earth Day

Posted |
First celebrated on college campuses across the United States in 1970, Earth Day has become a global celebration in support of environmental protection. In fact, according to Earth Day Networ…

Three Smart Home Products to Help You Start Saving Energy

Posted |
Once a niche technology for technophiles and early adopters, the smart home has now moved into the mainstream. According to a recent report, there are now 66 million smart speaker devices, li…

Why Renewable Energy Is Taking Off

Posted |
In late January, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the government agency that’s responsible for collecting and analyzing all kinds of energy-related data, released its An…

Electric Vehicles Video: How Much Do You Know?

Posted |
Despite the considerable increase in sales and popularity of electric vehicles, many people are still uninformed on the reality of owning and operating an EV today. Our latest video explores c…

Electric Vehicles Infographic

Posted |
With electric vehicle sales growing every year and auto manufacturers planning an array of new models, it seems clear that electric vehicles will be the ride of the future! But did you know th…

Be More Energy Efficient This Year with These Resolutions

Posted |
A new year is now underway. For many, that means a fresh start and the opportunity to make positive changes (both big and small) in daily habits and behaviors – from finally signing up f…

Three Ways to Be Smarter About Energy This Holiday Season

Posted |
The holiday season has begun, which means a time of decorating, gift buying and time spent with loved ones in your home. However, in addition to all the great things about the season, most fam…

Electric Vehicles: How Much Do You Know?

Posted |
A longer form, fact-based guide for consumers to deepen the education and learning opportunity on electric vehicles. The guidebook is ultimately meant to explore and dispel common misconc…

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