Fact Sheets

The Evolving World of Energy: How We Use Energy

This SECC fact sheet covers new ways that consumers will manage and use energy in their daily lives, highlighting smart thermostats and smart appliances to innovations in smart cities technology and EV charging infrastructure. Download the fact sheet.


Smart Cities Fact Sheet

SECC's fact sheet on smart cities explores why consumers should care about smart cities, why grid modernization is a critical component and examples from around the country while ultimately showing that we’re all in this together. Download the fact sheet.


Distributed Generation & Net Metering Fact Sheet

SECC's fact sheet about the benefits of next-generation smart grid technologies provides answers to many common questions, it simplifies the principles of net metering and distributed generation and answers key questions when considering a home energy system, such as rooftop solar panels. Download the fact sheet.


Power Quality Fact Sheet

View SECC's fact sheet walks you through what exactly power quality is and why it is important. The fact sheet shows just how smart grid can help improve power quality with the ability to operate the electrical grid with tighter tolerances. In the end, this provides you with a more reliable and efficient power supply that allows your appliances and other electronic devices to operate at their highest efficiencies and minimizes your cost to run them.


Outage Restoration Fact Sheet

View SECC's fact sheet that looks into how the smart grid keeps your power on and gets it restored quickly when it goes out. A smart grid enables the reliability we have come to expect for the future, integrating diverse generation and storage resources into a smart self-healing grid. The fact sheet explores the questions, why does the power go out, how does the smart grid keep the power on, and if the power goes out, how does the smart grid help you then?


Digital Smart Meters Fact Sheet

The Citizens Utility Board of Illinois is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a mission to represent the interests of residential utility customers across the state. Read its fact sheet created to provide facts on smart meters.


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