Fact Sheets

Smart Grid Fact Sheet

The Citizens Utility Board of Illinois is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with a mission to represent the interests of residential utility customers across the state. Read its fact sheet created to answer the questions around what is the smart grid.


What Consumers Need to Know About the Smart Grid and Smart Meters

Environmental Defense Fund does not advocate merely any smart grid; they advocate a smart grid done right. Download their fact sheet showing what consumers need to know about the smart grid and smart meters that can enable significantly greater use of clean, renewable energy, non-polluting electric vehicles, and community-based resources. Something that will improve air quality and the health of millions of Americans now harmed by dangerous air pollution while advancing our … >>

Pricing Fact Sheet

View SECC's fact sheet showing how new pricing plans enabled by the smart grid and smart meters can help consumers become smart power consumers who save money and help improve the environment. Cost to generate electric power varies from season to season, day to day or even hour to hour; however, most electric customers are unaware of this because most of us pay one flat rate for each kilowatt-hour of electricity used, regardless of the time of day or actual cost to produce it. … >>

Myth vs. Facts Fact Sheet

View SECC's fact sheet addressing the most commonly circulated smart meter myths including responses, each supported by research, that offer the facts — the real deal on smart meters.


Radio Frequency Fact Sheet

View SECC's fact sheet addressing the concerns voiced by consumers, using research prepared by credible sources such as the California Council on Science and Technology, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), and others. Along with stringent FCC standards to protect consumers, current scientific evidence shows there is no known risk associated with radio frequency emissions.


Consumer Benefits Fact Sheet

View a fact sheet to show how consumer benefits emerge with a new investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure called smart grid, our electric grid — which we trust to keep power flowing to our homes, schools, workplaces, and hospitals — modernized to match current technology.


Data Privacy Fact Sheet

View this fact sheet to show just how the process of smart meter data collection works and the protections in each step of the process for consumer privacy.


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