Radio Frequency Exposure Report

A new technology, the installation of smart meters and the creation of a 2.45 GHz wireless mesh network, serving residential and commercial buildings in the Central Maine Power service territory, caused public concern due to uncertainty over their operation and the possible effects that their operation may have on public health. In the context of Docket No. 2011-262, True North Associates was retained by the Office of the Maine Public Advocate (OPA) to measure the maximum and average power output of a sample of smart meters and other system components using the mesh network, and com… Download the Whitepaper >>

An Investigation of Radio Frequency Fields Associated with the Itron Smart Meter

Deployment of smart meters has raised concerns by members of the public about possible adverse health effects that could be related to exposure to the radio frequency (RF) emissions of the meters. As part of on-going efforts to address public concerns on this issue, this report documents the collection of information on RF exposure related to the operation of two particular models of Smart Meter produced by Itron Inc.

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Estimating the Costs and Benefits of the Smart Grid

A preliminary estimate of the investment requirements and the resultant benefits of a fully functioning smart grid this report initiates a stakeholder discussion regarding the investment needed to create a viable Smart Grid. To meet this goal, the report documents the methodology, key assumptions, and results of a preliminary quantitative estimate of the required investment.

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The Need for Essential Consumer Protections

At the state level, utility filings before state regulators have tended to focus on the new metering investments and in many cases, the pricing programs. As a result, this paper primarily focuses on the advanced or smart metering component of the Smart Grid vision. The paper's intent is to make recommendations that will guide policies and decisions about the implementation of smart meters in a manner that will serve the goals and objectives of modernizing the electricity infrastructure while protecting consumers.

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