The Need for Essential Consumer Protections

At the state level, utility filings before state regulators have tended to focus on the new metering investments and in many cases, the pricing programs. As a result, this paper primarily focuses on the advanced or smart metering component of the Smart Grid vision. The paper's intent is to make recommendations that will guide policies and decisions about the implementation of smart meters in a manner that will serve the goals and objectives of modernizing the electricity infrastructure while protecting consumers.

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Health and RF EMF from Advanced Meters

Prompted by health concerns expressed by citizens and other interested parties, PUC TX decided to investigate potential health effects of exposure to the radio frequency emissions from the wireless technology of advanced metering. They determined that the large body of scientific research reveals no definite or proven biological effects from exposure to low-level RF signals. Further, they found no credible evidence to suggest that advanced meters emit harmful amounts of EMF.

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The Promise of the Smart Grid

The Promise of the Smart Grid: goals, policies, and measurement must support sustainability benefits. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) explains in an issue brief that well-designed programs, careful implementation, and alignment of metrics with environmental goals, in addition to consumer education, are key to realizing the clean energy benefits of the smart grid.

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Health Impacts of Radio Frequency Exposure from Smart Meters

With a goal to to offer independent expert advice to the state government and to recommend solutions to science and technology-­‐related policy issues, this report from the California Council on Science and Technology has assembled a succinct but comprehensive overview of what is known about human exposure to wireless signals and the efficacy of the FCC safety standards for these signals.

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Online Smart Meter Analysis Achieves Sustained Energy Reductions: Results from Five Communities

Hourly electric smart meter data combined with daily gas smart meter data provides the information necessary to perform an intelligent disaggregation of residential energy use. Proprietary, cloud-based analysis software from High Energy Audits (HEA) automatically separates a year's worth of energy use into seven categories and presents this information to homeowners through a 15-minute interactive online audit.

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Will Smart Meters Harm Your Health? No

New technologies frequently spark public concern, and smart meters are no exception. One of the questions raised is whether radio frequency (RF) signals in the 900 MHz region of the electromagnetic spectrum pose a threat to public health. In an Energy Daily commentary by Peter A. Valberg, an expert in human health risk assessment at Gradient, answers the question - no.

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Answering public's concerns about 'smart meters'

As is the case with any new technology, many consumers are raising questions—what do these new meters do, how will they benefit me, and are they safe? Former Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.) who currently heads the Government Strategies group at the firm, Sidley Austin LLP, addresses these questions and more in this opinion piece from the Hill.

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