Renewable Energy 101 Guide

Renewable energy is an important part of our energy system today and in the future and can deliver many benefits. This fact-based guide explores how renewable energy could mean a cleaner, brighter energy future for you.

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Electric Vehicles: How Much Do You Know?

A longer form, fact-based guide for consumers to deepen the education and learning opportunity on electric vehicles. The guidebook is ultimately meant to explore and dispel common misconceptions while illustrating benefits and new opportunities with electric vehicles.

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Radio Frequency Exposure Report

A new technology, the installation of smart meters and the creation of a 2.45 GHz wireless mesh network, serving residential and commercial buildings in the Central Maine Power service territory, caused public concern due to uncertainty over their operation and the possible effects that their operation may have on public health. In the context of Docket No. 2011-262, True North Associates was retained by the Office of the Maine Public Advocate (OPA) to measure the maximum and average power output of a sample of smart meters and other system components using the mesh network, and com… Download the Whitepaper >>

An Investigation of Radio Frequency Fields Associated with the Itron Smart Meter

Deployment of smart meters has raised concerns by members of the public about possible adverse health effects that could be related to exposure to the radio frequency (RF) emissions of the meters. As part of on-going efforts to address public concerns on this issue, this report documents the collection of information on RF exposure related to the operation of two particular models of Smart Meter produced by Itron Inc.

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