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Statement of Policy Regarding Intellectual Property

  1. Information Provided to SGCC. Section 5.1 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws of Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (“SGCC”) provides that SGCC is interested in receiving from its Members, directors, and officers and from the general public information that SGCC can use to further its purposes. However, SGCC does not want any Member, director or officer or any other person or entity to disclose, transfer or otherwise make available to SGCC: (i) any information that the transferor of such information has any duty or obligation not to disclose or transfer to SGCC; or (ii) any information that can be lawfully disclosed or otherwise transferred to SGCC, but that would impose upon SGCC any restrictions on the authority of SGCC to disclose or use such information, unless, prior to the receipt of such information, SGCC is advised of all such restrictions
  2. Information Available to Members. As provided in Section 5.2 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws of SGCC, from time to time, SGCC may make available to Members on a preferential basis information that has been developed or acquired by SGCC, pursuant to policies adopted by the Board. This statement of policy deals with four categories of information that SGCC may have from time to time and sets forth the policy of SGCC on access that will be provided to that information.
  3. Information developed by SGCC and released by SGCC to the public. This information will be available to all SGCC Members (both Full Members and Affiliate Members) and to the public.
  4. Information received by SGCC without any restrictions on SGCC’s disclosure or use of the information. This information will be available to all SGCC Members (both Full Members and Affiliate Members).
  5. Information developed by SGCC and not released by SGCC to the public. This information includes underlying data developed to support conclusions that are publicly released by SGCC. Each Full Member and each Affiliate Member would have a non-exclusive license, while it is a Member of SGCC, to use this information internally for its own business, but not to distribute this information to its own members (in the case of a member organization) and subject to any non-disclosure obligations or other restrictions that the Board of Directors or the President/Executive Director of SGCC may impose.
  6. Information that SGCC agrees to receive subject to restrictions on disclosure or use by SGCC. As to this type of information, the Board of Directors or the President/Executive Director of SGCC may decide on a case-by-case basis to make some or all of any such information available to such Members, and on such terms, as are consistent with SGCC’s compliance with the specific applicable restrictions, and such other terms as the Board or the President/Executive Director may determine. This may result in a distribution of information to some but not all Members and/or a distribution of information on different terms to different Members.
  7. Implementation. A Member will have to sign a written agreement with SGCC agreeing to comply with applicable obligations and restrictions imposed by SGCC on all information disclosed by SGCC to that Member before SGCC will provide any restricted information to that Member.

This Statement of Policy was adopted by the SGCC Board of Directors on April 30, 2010.

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